Snapshot by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti


Tonatiuh Ambrosetti grew up in a small village near Lugano between a beautiful little lake and a dense forest, surrounded by the mountains of Val Capriasca. He began to practice self-portrait photography in the mid-1990s when Ticino experienced a period of excitement and the development of a local counter-culture that came to fruition with street demonstrations, occupations, and social events. - front with the police. In the heart of the action these first photographs ...
In 1999, he moved to Lausanne to study. The meeting with Igor Snider, recently graduated from the Vevey School of Applied Arts (CEPV), changes his life and his relationship to the image. He becomes his assistant and begins to learn the grammar of photography. Very quickly, he is fascinated by the use of the large format room that he will never leave.
In 2002, he enrolled at the Cantonal School of Art of Lausanne (ECAL) and graduated in 2006.
He returns there in 2012 as a teacher.
During his early years of study, his interest in the relationship between man and nature began to manifest itself as a recurring theme in his photographic research.
At the same time, stimulated by the NEO-GEO painting of the first years of 2000 and some of these teachers, he develops a research on a non-objective and generative photograph that goes beyond the traditional means of the image until using as support the sculpture, engraving, and drawing.
Always with the firm refusal to resort to digital techniques.