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"La Découverte" school

A collaborative approach where project-based teaching served as the backbone for the architectural program.
Educational project and architectural program: a perfect harmony

The bias was to push the analysis of the plan so that the new pedagogy promoted by the school can slip into existing volumes. The reflection has been global, integrating traffic since the arrival of vehicles, the reception of children, access to the courtyard, the building, the cloakroom, up to the bright classes, located upstairs. Delicate transformation work on this existing building which was not intended to become a place of education.

The architectural program has materialized the innovative educational project by an intervention on spaces and volumes: classes without partitions for openness and respect, custom furniture for reflection and creativity, active lighting specially designed for observation and discovery.

A sustainable playground
Sustainable development has also been a focal point of the project. Renewable energies have thus slipped into the program to enable children to understand the environment around them. The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof, the collection of rainwater for watering the vegetable garden and the installation of a small wind turbine that will produce enough energy to light a lamp have come to complete the arrangements. And for the fire, the children will build a fireplace in the garden, which too, will be a source of many discoveries, not to mention amphitheater, kitchen garden, orchard, portico, and slackline. The playground is also an instrument for the development of young schoolchildren.

The main stakeholders were also involved. The children started with a visit of the building under construction, continued with the making of a model of their future school, and finally, it is they who will plant the first fruit trees, a strong symbol if any. They took the path of the school "La Découverte " in September.

Frédéric Lenoir
Philosopher and meditate with children

P.12 reference to "L'École de La Découverte"

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