Living the lake

Articulated in two complementary volumes, "Wheat Field" is a family home facing the lake where it was to seek privacy while protecting itself from the surrounding noise.

In this parcel near the Vengeron, on the edge of Lake Geneva, we find ourselves in what is known as the Grand Lac. The view is impregnable, with Mont-Blanc taking shape in the distance, and the original building is located there since the 1940s. In replacement, the first objective was to develop a family house, in a more modernist. While horizontally, the imagined program was as much a reminder of the mountains that face it as the aquatic expanse that licks the property.

A radical program
Nestled between the lake and the nearby road, this place called "Field of wheat" immediately faces two major problems: noise and sun that comes in the back. To answer it, the architectural proposal is rather radical, choosing on one side to make the volume build a natural barrier, on the other by looking for the solar element while protecting itself from the kisses.

An articulated house
The main idea is to create two distinct and complementary parts. The first includes the usual residential programs when the second includes the reception areas (visiting children's rooms, the library, the poolhouse ...). Articulated to compose a form of "S", it allows to reinterpret the classic typology of mansions: a circulation in a row, an entry with the kitchen as a central piece, the belly somehow, a dining room necessarily open on the landscape. The solarium terrace created on the first floor is important because it creates the link between the spaces: between the children and the parents, between the sky and the earth, between the view and privacy.

All in one
By shifting the two parts relative to each other, it is possible to create a rear yard and a front yard. The first is more service oriented, including access to the garage, the second most personal by bringing the pool within it. The expression is contemporary with large windows, open, aerial, despite a certain footprint with almost 200 m2 per floor.

A hygienist composition
As a nod, the cutting of the lower terrace takes the lines of the previous dwelling. Very modern in its definition, with a hygienist side, focused on the surrounding nature. If the house has a virtually blind facade on the back, the open area on the lake offers a space of great privacy, open on the horizon, but protected by the articulation of the house.
The basement is reduced to its simplest expression, mainly technical.

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