Residential buildings

Study for a building

The urbanization of the city of Geneva is in strong mutation particularly the question of densification of already built areas. Incarnated by the overloads in the city center, the interstitial densification of the villa zone or the periurban neighborhood already built, this trend requires a focus on urban quality.

Qualitative densification

Requested by the Foundation for the Promotion of Cheap Housing and Co-operative Housing (FPLC), the current study aims to complete the district of La Pralée in Onex by densifying two parcels with well-differentiated urban situations.

The first possibility of implantation is next to the public park of Les Racettes on a ground currently occupied by a carpark. The plot is conducive to the establishment of a housing building to create 20 homes and commercial space on the ground. The second possibility of implantation proposes to complete the front built on the rue des Bossons. Originally, this parcel was devoted to a small public equipment. The plot is conducive to the establishment of a housing building of 24 housing units, with the ground floor of commercial areas and a common room for tenants of the building. An underground parking level could be created by pooling access from the plot.

Beyond the possibility of creating housing which the canton needs so much, the question of the project is to know what urban quality these new buildings can bring as much in terms of the formation of the built fronts, the places and their fittings as on the related programs that will help the neighborhood live.

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