New constructions

The deliberate geometry

A family home with a summery charm that takes place in one of the canton's major heritage estates. A concrete program, which uses both historical references and topographical realities.

This is a project anchored on a plot of almost 12,000 m2 and which, from a historical point of view, has found its place on one of the famous large Geneva estates that dot the geographical reality of the canton. A domain comparable to that of La Gara, wonderfully recounted in the book Les Jardins de La Gara published in 2018 by Scheidegger & Spiess.
The land we are occupying covers about 4,000 m2. Framed in the distance by manor houses and some outbuildings for rural use, the villa takes place in an open park, whose parcel boundaries are almost invisible to the naked eye.
In order to be in line with the logic of the domain (and to preserve its interests as well as possible), the establishment was made on the edge of it, according to usual practices. In order not to be scattered over the plot, the alley of century-old trees has been preserved, the pockets of greenery respected. The respect of the tree footprint of the whole was of significant importance in the system to be imagined. A golf course is located nearby, a greens and bunkers course whose topography preserves the view of Lake Geneva in the long term.

Greenery as a horizon

The program consists of a family villa for a couple with children. Only one child. There is a large day area, two bedrooms with bathrooms, a master suite... The building is monolithic, all in exposed concrete, with insulation from the inside. A load-bearing concrete for a mineral expression that echoes the plot.
With its detachments, if we look at its southeast facade, the whole thing looks like a pixelized figure pulled out of the video game Space Invaders. The various elements have been designed with an obvious plastic aesthetic, in the style of the bricks of a famous Danish gaming company. They are used here as a balcony, there as weather protection for the terrace and entrance. Even if the constructive approach is resolutely contemporary in its definition, it is deliberately treated with discretion and a certain humility, so that the mansion in the distance remains predominant, whether in terms of importance, history or location. 

The minerality of concrete

The perimeter of the villa is covered with a mineralized terrace. We find the same frame around the pool that nestles in the sunniest corner of the property. The two zones are connected by a succession of slabs which, visually, act as a series of tra
Relatively simple in its constructive reality, this is a villa that exudes a holiday feeling and that some people - sticking to its finca ibiçenca look - could gladly take to the Pitiusan Islands.

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